About Us

Welcome to Vintage Hire! A boutique styling and event hire business in Central Queensland specialising in creating beautiful spaces for people to gather, connect and celebrate any range of occasions. We create spaces with soul and meaning which reflect the uniqueness of a client’s personality or corporation’s motto or marketing campaign through providing bespoke styling services and premium quality hire products.

My name is Lucija Nezic and I am the creator behind Vintage Hire. From humble beginnings in 2012 with the desire to create, our business has continued to grow along with our reputation for being personable, innovative and a perfectionist with exceptional attention to detail.

Our Values

Care, collaboration and connection along with creativity, innovation and imagination are the core values at the cornerstone of everything we do.


Caring about all of our clients, those with whom we work, the quality of the service we offer, the products we use and the spaces we create.


Collaborating and communicating with our clients in addition to multiple other vendors engaged throughout the creative process is essential to  ensure cohesion and a smooth process of bringing any event to life. Working as a team, drawing on each other’s strengths and skill set, building relationships and fostering partnerships along the way.


Connection is one of the most essential human needs eliciting a sense of belonging that has the power to evoke or deepen emotions and create memorable moments. As such, we aim to design spaces that encourage opportunities for connection with people and their environment through making considered design choices throughout the creative process.

If you would like to know more about our bespoked services and premium products head to our STYLING and HIRE pages to see how we can assist with your next event.

Connect with us directly on 0428002529 or email info@vintage4hire.com.au.

We would love to hear from you.


Vintage Hire